Saturday, October 27, 2007

Various Artists - Can Con Compilation

Location: Canada

Many years ago, a show called 'Maple Mothership' surfaced on CKDU in Halifax. Their aim was to spread Canadian hip-hop goodness to the masses. Eventually host Ewan Mill moved to Calgary where he now runs the infamous Ghetto Blaster hip-hop spot. Then longtime host, Parker Lewis, made the mode to Vancouver, leaving DJ Beef to run the Saturday radio show.

Parker Lewis keeps true to the heart of the Maple Mothership by compiling the 18 track 'Can Con' compilation. Mood Ruff uplifs with the feel good "Rocketship." Thesis Sahib brings a nice chorus over the heavy bass retro feel of "Same ol Thesis Sahib." I've been on an instrumental kick of late (Beastie Boys, The Flaps), so the contribution of Uncle Fester & Dexter Doolittle on "Insert Raps Here" pleases. The beat on John Smith & Parker Lewis' "Leaving a Mark" left a taste of Biggie's "Hypnotize". The compilation even branches out to the upbeat funk jam sound fusion of Presswon's "Funk Express."

The songs are safe selections and all play nice, but none really jump out and grab me, which makes for a smooth listen but somewhat lacking in long term appeal. That being said, the compilation is an impressive snapshot of heavyweights from the underground Canadian hip-hop scene. It's great to see folks still giving back to community!

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