Monday, September 24, 2007

Atherton & Sire - A Different Way of Doing the Same Old Thing
Location: Ottawa, ON / Toronto, ON

The sonic landscapes painted by Atherton & Sire's debut album exceed those of even some seasoned beatmakers drawing on diverse percussion and well-placed samples. Atherton brings a nice energy to his lyrics, with sing-songy choruses. Most refreshing is how he represents the true underground Ottawa scene by featuring verses from Ottawa heavyweights the likes of Addaboe, Flip Kuma, Bender and Patience.

Standouts include the horn laced 'Fans & Friends,' 'Mean Miss Treater' is a soulful melancholy flash back to the blues days of the past. 'Hall Pass Policy' is a rapid-fire ode to paying your dues in the scene.

Overall, the beats provide a solid underground sound, while Atherton brings an thoughtful artsy side to his lyricism. All the while guest verses prove he's in touch with the scene giving the album an authentic feel often lacking in hip-hop today.

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