Friday, June 8, 2007

Shadez - Every Dollar Counts
Location: Winnipeg, MB

When I was at the ECMAs in Halifax back in February, Classified's manager handed me off a copy of Shadez latest album. Since then I've popped it in and out of my cd player, but have struggled to really get into it. It's a solid album, but seems to be lacking real standout tracks.

The overall vibe is laid-back introspective and focused on struggles. For the most part they flip the struggles into uplifting messages such as on "It's Alright," but in the case the beat lacks an uplifting element.

The Shadez trio of Mr Bowen, Biggs and Bad Mannaz make solid concept tracks like the impressive "Dry Tears," but I found myself really having to focus to decipher their individual messages. I'll blame it on my ADD.

I think my favourite track is "Got Money," as the simplicity of K-Rupson's beat complemented with a nice vocal sample works well. The last bonus track "Stream," also impresses with a Three Six Mafia type of vibe. "Slip Away" was also included on Mood Ruff's album, and brings that same niceness I heard last year!

The beats are a bit slower and simplistic, but with a solid underground sounds with unique elements. The emcees' flow shows years of experience, but still I just struggled to get really into this album.

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