Monday, May 14, 2007

D.O. - Northstarr
Location: Toronto, ON

'Northstarr' is a real nice debut album from the son of a preacher man, D.O. You might know him for his Stay Driven motivation speaking, and this uplifting mindset creeps into many of his tracks particulary the hits 'Defy the Odds' & 'Young Brother.'

The real strength of this album lies in the well crafty choruses of featured artists. Most impressive is his Art of Fresh beatmaking partner, Slakah the Beatchild on 'No Matter What,' 'End of the Day' and the posse cut 'Just Forfeit', which features Arabesque & G Stokes.

While tracks like 'Art of Fresh' & 'Bring It' are upbeat, funky, fresh and in your face party starters. While 'By My Side (Signs)' shows D.O.'s spiritual side.

Admittedly it took me a minute to adapt to D.O.'s vocal drawl, which my friend Nicole compared to sounding like "Snoop Dogg," but in the end it works. Overall this is a diverse album, where D.O. shows his ability to find the right beat to craft each song's message.

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