Friday, January 5, 2007

Ghettosocks - Get Some Friends
Location: Halifax, NS

There were songs where I loved the beat, but couldn't really get into the message... Tracks like "Steal from Walmart" was real nice, except I'm against stealing... although if I had to pick any place to steal from, i would agree that walmart is most deserving. "I invented everything" is probably my favorite track, although the message is fantasy, so it's hard for me to fully accept... "Lapping the Sun" would be my favorite beat/track by far, if it weren't for the switch up to a different nintendo-esque beat halfway through, which I didn't really enjoy. The "City Life" posse cut also turned out nice. The chorus on "Read-A-Book" I found annoying, so much so, that I skip to the next track, but the chorus got stuck in my head for days... I talked to J-Bru and he will co-sign on the "stuck in your head" factor. Finally, "Out to you" is probably my 2nd favorite track as both Ghettosocks & Apt come with nice verses. and it's a nice chorus. Oh and of course, the intro is a bit more than "okay". :)

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